Using the app

The Life in 6 Words app was designed to help people share the most important news in the world, and to do it in an engaging way.

Whether you are talking with the person face-to-face, or are miles apart, Li6W can walk your friends through the gospel.

Be on mission everywhere you go!

Li6W is built to encourage and remind you to join Jesus in His Cause – to seek and save the lost. Create your Cause Circle and set up reminders to pray for those friends, family and classmates that you want to share Jesus with.

Get others to join you in this mission.

You can invite other believing friends to join you on this adventure of sharing Jesus with your world by setting up a group. 


One of the best evangelistic apps available. Whoever thought of this is brilliant! Highly recommended.

— Brett

Wonderful tool to share the gospel! Thank you d2s in all you do to make sharing the gospel that much easier.

— Dahlke Family

“This is a great way to talk to someone about the Good News! Easy to keep a clear “tract” with you all the time.

— Grant